Kaitiakitanga has been described as guardianship or protection. The basic meaning of ‘tiaki’ is to guard, but depending on the context in which it is used, it also means to preserve, keep, conserve, nurture, protect and watch over. The prefix ‘kai’ with the verb ‘tiaki’ denotes the agent of the action of ‘tiaki’. Therefore, a kaitiaki is a guardian, keeper, preserver, conservator or protector. The addition of ‘tanga’ denotes preservation, conservation and protection.

Kaitiakitanga is based on traditional Māori world views and includes the conservation, replenishment and sustainability of the environment. It is about safeguarding the future.

We take on this role with honour. The forest brings us peace, calmness, stillness and quiet- a relief that can be hard to come by from a sometimes hectic world. It is our greatest pleasure to teach our children how to nurture the forest that in-turn nurtures us. Since purchasing the property, we deployed an array of trapping devices that have enabled the removal of rats, mice, possums and hedgehogs from the bush. 

Farewell spit


It is so exciting to share that our property might be part of a new predator free initiative:

"Onetahua Restoration has a bold ambition to bring an abundance of birds and other native wildlife back to North West Golden Bay. It’s a long-term vision to give future generations the chance to enjoy a rich wealth of native wildlife on Farewell Spit and the surrounding areas.

Onetahua Restoration is a partnership between HealthPost Nature Trust , Tasman Environmental Trust and Manawhenua Ki Mohua working with local landowners, businesses and the residents of Golden Bay.

The predator eradication programme, funded by Predator 2050, covers an area stretching from Farewell Spit south to the Whanganui Inlet, taking in the Kaihoka Scenic Reserve and Pakawau Forest and, with the support of landowners, some private land bordering these areas.
Onetahua Restoration is a ground-up programme sparked by the local community for the benefit of our unique local environment and its people. Local support is critical to our success. We are working with the community to help us design and roll out the programme."


At Karu ō te Kiwi, sustainability is important! We harvest our own rain water and dispose of 100% wastewater and stormwater on site. Compost and recycling bins are provided and we encourage you to use them where possible. Although we are currently supplied by mains power- it is our goal to become solar ready within the next couple of years. 

We use environmentally friendly cleaners and cloths that are safe for you and the environment. Dazz cleaning tablets and hand wash are dissolved in glass bottles and we use Good Change Store washable bamboo cloths.

NZ made, plant based and sustainably sourced high quality botanical toiletries will always be a priority- but we are looking into more re-fillable and re-turnable options- stay tuned!